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Apple Pen 2nd Gen


New Brand new device which has never been used

Grade A (Like New) These devices are in perfect or close to perfect condition; they will show very little to no signs of use or wear. All our phones have a minimum of 80% battery health and unlocked to any network!

Grade B (Good Condition) These devices are in good condition  they have small dents/scratches from normal use. All our phones have a minimum of 80% battery health and unlocked to any network!

 Grade C (Average Condition)  These devices will have dents, scratches or scuffs but not cracked or broken! (Fully working and still covered under our warranty) All our phones have a minimum of 80% battery health and unlocked to any network!

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Introducing the Apple Pencil (2nd generation), a revolutionary tool for unleashing your creativity, productivity, and imagination. Designed specifically for the iPad Pro and iPad Air, the Apple Pencil (2nd gen) offers unparalleled precision, responsiveness, and versatility, making it the ultimate accessory for artists, designers, students, and professionals alike.

Key Features:

Precision and Responsiveness: The Apple Pencil (2nd gen) features an advanced tip with pixel-perfect precision and ultra-low latency, ensuring a natural and fluid writing and drawing experience. With pressure and tilt sensitivity, the Apple Pencil (2nd gen) responds effortlessly to your touch, allowing you to create intricate sketches, detailed illustrations, and handwritten notes with unparalleled accuracy and control.

Seamless Pairing and Charging: The Apple Pencil (2nd gen) pairs seamlessly with your iPad Pro or iPad Air and automatically connects when you’re ready to start creating. With its magnetic design, the Apple Pencil (2nd gen) attaches magnetically to the side of your iPad Pro or iPad Air for easy storage and wireless charging. Plus, with a quick 15-second charge, you can get up to 30 minutes of use, ensuring you never miss a moment of inspiration.

Double-Tap Gesture: The Apple Pencil (2nd gen) features a customizable double-tap gesture that allows you to quickly switch between tools and functions without interrupting your workflow. Whether you’re switching between brushes in an art app, undoing a mistake, or activating the eraser, the double-tap gesture makes it easy to perform common tasks with just a tap of your finger.

Versatility: From sketching and drawing to annotating and note-taking, the Apple Pencil (2nd gen) is the ultimate tool for unleashing your creativity and productivity. With support for a wide range of apps and workflows, the Apple Pencil (2nd gen) adapts to your needs, whether you’re creating digital art, editing photos, or taking handwritten notes in class or at work.

Sensitivity: The Apple Pencil (2nd gen) features a high level of sensitivity, allowing you to apply varying levels of pressure to create subtle variations in line thickness and shading. With its precise control and responsiveness, the Apple Pencil (2nd gen) gives you the freedom to express yourself with unparalleled precision and nuance.

Compatibility: The Apple Pencil (2nd gen) is compatible with the following iPad models:

  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation and later)
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (1st generation and later)
  • iPad Air (4th generation)

Intuitive Design: The Apple Pencil (2nd gen) features a sleek and intuitive design with a matte finish for a comfortable and secure grip. With its lightweight construction and balanced weight distribution, the Apple Pencil (2nd gen) feels natural and ergonomic in your hand, allowing you to create for hours on end without fatigue.


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